CoinMonkey App offer up-to-date information on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain, and everything in between.

We focus on tailored alerts based on price, volatility, trending news and many other parameters. So this gives you a quick update of the market performance, and whether a coin is trending down (YOLO!), up (FOMO!).

Tech Stack: iOS, NodeJS, Firebase, Heroku, AFNetworking.


Create private polls and 1 on 1 focus groups in Facebook Messenger to get feedback you can call your own. Unlike traditional market research tools — HANS℠ is affordable and eliminates cognitive biases like observer, public arena, and groupthink.

Tech Stack: iOS, Facebook Messenger, NodeJS, Amazon S3, Firebase, Heroku, AFNetworking.

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SN3AK3RS is a unique mobile marketplace powered by Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express — where customers shop directly within the app from a curated community of brands and stores.

Simply put, the app works like Instagram but everything is shoppable, and each store controls what’s featured—from the imagery to the number of items available. As a shopper, you can love items to save them for later, share them with friends. Shopping is almost too easy as your credit card number and shipping info are pre-entered—all you have to do is tap the item you want and it’s yours.

Tech Stack: iOS, Twilio, Stripe, Facebook SDK, Amazon S3, Firebase.